Vegas Lux Slots

Vegas Lux Slots

If appearance matters to you when you try a slot game, you're going to love this one. Las Vegas is the setting, that much is clear… but is there any casino action present in other ways?

We have played and reviewed the Vegas Lux slot game for you here. This gives you the chance to see what we thought and what you could expect to find on the reels and beyond. Ready to see how it all works?

What is the name of the developer?

This game was created by Realtime Gaming. They are good at being creative with all kinds of themes, and that talent is borne out by this slot game as well.

Demo possibilities: Can you play one?

Yes, you can, and many Realtime Gaming casinos do allow people to try the demos before signing up to join the casino and play for real. Even if that option is not available, you can join at no cost and try the practice versions first. That applies to Vegas Lux too.

Perhaps the most obvious theme you can think of

With Vegas mentioned in the title, there are no secrets when it comes to working out the theme for this one. While we might still have had some surprises, that's not the case. Except to say the presentation is a nice surprise, perhaps?

The design does wonders

It's always refreshing to see a slot game that looks good. Vegas Lux impresses from the second it loads. You can see a backdrop inspired by the city, and that supports the casino-style symbols that appear over the reels.

Speaking of reels, what should you expect from the Vegas Lux slot?

Expect five reels, but not of the 5 x 3 design you may have thought. Instead, we have a diamond appearance. That means the first and fifth reels each have the regular three icons, but the middle one has five and the remaining even-numbered reels have four.

The diamond theme comes into play again for the substitute. This says WILD and is clearly inspired by Vegas signs in lights. It doesn't appear everywhere, only on reels two through four, but it can be stacked on any or all of those if you're fortunate.

The game also includes a scatter symbol. It's obvious what this is for, as it displays the message FREE GAMES and appears across all the reels. It needs to if you want to unlock the game's special feature too.

Does this slot game have any paylines in play?

No, as the creator has opted to cover all conceivable winning ways instead. There are 720 of those. It is also worth noting that while many slots only pay from the leftmost reel, this one pays from the fifth reel over to the left side of the game too.

Does the game accommodate lots of varied bets?

Yes, as is usually true of RTG slots. You can start from just a few cents here. It's worth remembering that there are no coin values here - only bet values. One is required to cover all the 720 possible ways you could get a prize.

Paytable information

The game does include one, of course, and this explains more about how prizes are paid and which ones you may discover more easily than others. It also shows the special icons and what their individual roles are.

No bonus here though

A bonus feature is never guaranteed, and we don't get one here.

Looking for the Vegas Lux free spin round

This is no ordinary free spin feature either. You do need the scatter to appear once per reel to trigger it, so you need more than the regular three scatters to gain entry. However, there is a chance you could collect more spins than you think.

The idea is that eight games are granted for each set of five scatters, with one appearing per reel. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you have one reel with, say, three scatters on it, you'll get three sets of spins, i.e. 24 of them. The game awards eight games for each unique combination, and given the format of the game, you have the potential to find a few of those.

The return to player value hasn't been advertised

If you've tried lots of Realtime Gaming titles before, you might already be familiar with this. We've learned that many of their games settle at around the 95% RTP level, but it is early days to tell whether that is the case with this one too.

Our rating: Do we like the Vegas Lux slot game?

We do - the diamond shape, the stacked wilds, the potential to receive many more freebies than you might think… it all rolls into a great slot. A slot worthy of eight out of 10 as a score.

How much is the top prize worth?

Details for the game reveal that the best prize up for grabs is worth 1,320x the amount staked on one spin of the reels if everything worked out for the best. Of course, few players are going to achieve that, but it gives you an idea of the scope of the game.

Playing the practice version

This plays out just as the real thing does, so you can experience it as you would with real bets. If you decide you don't like it, you've wasted nothing. We think lots of RTG fans are going to be happy with this one though.

Changing over to real play

This is simple to do if you're logged into your account at an RTG casino and you're playing the practice version already. There should be an option to switch to real play. You'll need to have some funds ready in your account before you can play, of course.

Can you play Vegas Lux on a mobile device?

Yes, this is easy to do if you have an iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry device. The game has been released for all platforms, so enjoy!